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About Joan Bartlett
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覧 Joan at the University of Pennsylvania
Joan working as a radio-biochemist

Joan Passed Away on January 25, 2006

Joan Bartlett is the Author of a Cozy Murder Mystery Series Set in an Ice Arena

The author has a B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. After leaving college she worked in cancer research in the Department of Bio-Physics at the Southwestern Medical School of the University of Texas, Dallas (note: the author does not wear a bow tie unless skating to "Chorus Line").  It was at this time that she started ice skating which in time led to writing murder mysteries in an ice-skating setting.

She was a member of Sisters-in-Crime until her passing.

Her amateur sleuth investigative skills were enhanced through her volunteer work with her local police department where she learned a lot about police procedures. This was supplemented with lots of reading of investigative and forensic science literature which she can do because of her degree in chemistry and experience in radiochemistry.

All of these experiences are combined with her ice-skating knowledge to create murder mysteries in an ice skating setting which are technically accurate. Her police officer friends stand ready to answer her "dumb" questions graciously, sometimes even without laughing!

The Author as an Ice Skater,
Coach, Judge and Ice Show Producer
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覧 Joan as an Ice Show Producer
Joan (2nd from right) in the Chorus Line of an Ice Show 覧

The author, Joan Bartlett, was a former figure skater and ice dancer (high-test), figure skating coach, figure skating judge and producer of numerous amateur ice shows. The latter item includes the roles of producer, director, choreographer, music director, costume designer, and anything else that needs to be done. This kind of background ensures that the ice skating discussions are technically accurate, although she has not literally found a dead-body in an ice-skating rink, nor has Misty-Joy. She was also a long-time member of the Peninsula Skating Club on the San Francisco Peninsula.

One of her ice shows serves as the background for her first book, "Nice Shows." Her second book, "Judge Me Nottingham" gives a peek into the world of competitive ice skating. Competitions are facts of life at an early stage of a skater's career.

Joan's ice-skating background permits her to accurately and credibly weave an ice-skating storyline in with a series of fictional murders which are set in an ice arena.

At this point in time, March of 2005, Joan, along with everyone else in the skating world is trying to decide if the new judging system is going to be successful.

Joan Bartlett is the one holding the flowers after the "Grande Finale" performance of one of her ice shows.

This site is being maintained by her husband. As such, any questions can be answered by him by typing in her E-mail address: bartlett@niceskates.com. 

The Author as a Pilot
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覧 Joan doing a preflight-check (Cessna 172)
Joan landing at Lihue Airport, Kauai, Hawaii

She is an instrument-rated pilot. Her books also make reference to flying to competitions in small airplanes. As a licensed, instrument-rated pilot, the author can and will relate some hair-raising small-plane events as part of the storylines.

The Author as an Adventurer
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Joan's 1955 T-Bird and Ludwig the German Shepherd
Joan and 450 pound Nagi the Bengal Tiger

She drove a red 1955 T-Bird and made friends with a 450 pound male Bengal Tiger named Nagi at Marine World Africa USA in Redwood City, California.

Joan Bartlett and her Doggies

Top row: left to right 覧

Tara-White Standard Poodle 1960-1967
Ludwig-German Shepherd 1968-1978


Bottom row: left to right 覧
Misty-Rottweiler 1981-1991
Kristi-Akitador (Akita & Yellow Lab) 1992-2001
Gabby-Black Standard Poodle 2002-2008

Dogs were a part of her life. Joan Bartlett passed away in January 2006. They were her constant companion and when possible, they were with her at the ice rink. Consequently they have become an integral part of the storyline for her "Nice Skates Ice Skating Murder Mystery Book Series."

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