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Joan Bartlett passed away on January 25, 2006 of leukemia. But, her life was rich. Joan was a chemist (radiochemist), department manager and buyer at a high-end retail store (I. Magnins), instrument-rated pilot, manager of a Fear of Flying Clinic, realtor, ice skating judge, ice skating teaching professional, producer of amateur ice skating shows and mystery book author.

Joan Bartlett's books center around an ice skating storyline integrated with a murder mystery plot. The series was set in the "Nice Skates Ice Arena" where Berrien Gamble, the book's heroine and amateur sleuth, is the co-owner, coach and infamous ice show producer. The ice skating descriptions are technically accurate as they were drawn from her experiences both as an ice skating teaching pro and judge. The link to her sister site is:

Joan Bartlett's books were written in the cozy malice domestic writing style made famous by that paragon of women murder mystery authors, Agatha Christie and popularized by actress Angela Lansbury in the "Murder She Wrote" television series.

Dogs were a part of her life. They were her constant companion and when possible, they were with her at the ice rink. Consequently they have become an integral part of the storyline for her "Nice Skates Ice Skating Murder Mystery Book Series."

The "Storyline" for the cozy (malice domestic) murder mysteries in this book series is set in a new ice arena in the town of Portugal. Portugal is a small fictitious town on the California Coast about 40 miles southwest of San Francisco. "Nice Shows" is the first book in the series. The storyline revolves around Berrien and her dog, "Misty-Joy" finding a stranger early one morning, curled up, not moving and stone-cold dead on "Center-ice," the coveted spot for the skating stars. "Misty-Joy" is in the center photo above.

"Judge Me Nottingham" is the second book and last book in the series. The storyline centers around a famous, international ice-skating judge who is found dead in the pro's room just minutes before the last event of a major ice-skating competition at the "Nice Skates Ice Arena," an event she was scheduled to judge.

"Axel Who?" was to be the third book in the series, but this never materialized because Joan passed away. The storyline was to be centered around dozens of foreign skaters spending a summer of training at the "Nice Skates Ice Arena."

The author, Joan Bartlett, was a former figure skater and ice dancer, figure skating coach, figure skating judge and producer of numerous amateur ice shows. She has also done volunteer work with her local police department thereby learning a lot about police procedures. When this is coupled with her chemistry education base, all of this has prepared her well to write fictional murder mysteries in an ice skating setting which are technically accurate. More details on the author are presented in the "About the Author" section on the second web-page.

Joan is the one holding the flowers in the second photo. In the fourth photo, Joan is the second and the shortest lady counting from the right end.

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